All Countries in the European Union (EU)

Comma separated list of countries in the European Union (EU)

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Comma separated list of countries in the European Union (EU) with one quotation marks

‘Austria’, ‘Belgium’, ‘Bulgaria’, ‘Croatia’, ‘Cyprus’, ‘Czechia’, ‘Denmark’, ‘Estonia’, ‘Finland’, ‘France’, ‘Germany’, ‘Greece’, ‘Hungary’, ‘Ireland’, ‘Italy’, ‘Latvia’, ‘Lithuania’, ‘Luxembourg’, ‘Malta’, ‘Netherlands’, ‘Poland’, ‘Portugal’, ‘Romania’, ‘Slovakia’, ‘Slovenia’, ‘Spain’, ‘Sweden’

Comma separated list of countries in the European Union (EU) with two quotation marks

“Austria”, “Belgium”, “Bulgaria”, “Croatia”, “Cyprus”, “Czechia”, “Denmark”, “Estonia”, “Finland”, “France”, “Germany”, “Greece”, “Hungary”, “Ireland”, “Italy”, “Latvia”, “Lithuania”, “Luxembourg”, “Malta”, “Netherlands”, “Poland”, “Portugal”, “Romania”, “Slovakia”, “Slovenia”, “Spain”, “Sweden”

List of Countries in the European Union (EU) in Select Options for HTML Forms

<select name=”Countries”>

<option value=”austria”>Austria</option>

<option value=”belgium”>Belgium</option>

<option value=”bulgaria”>Bulgaria</option>

<option value=”croatia”>Croatia</option>

<option value=”cyprus”>Cyprus</option>

<option value=”czechia”>Czechia</option>

<option value=”denmark”>Denmark</option>

<option value=”estonia”>Estonia</option>

<option value=”finland”>Finland</option>

<option value=”france”>France</option>

<option value=”germany”>Germany</option>

<option value=”greece”>Greece</option>

<option value=”hungary”>Hungary</option>

<option value=”ireland”>Ireland</option>

<option value=”italy”>Italy</option>

<option value=”latvia”>Latvia</option>

<option value=”lithuania”>Lithuania</option>

<option value=”luxembourg”>Luxembourg</option>

<option value=”malta”>Malta</option>

<option value=”netherlands”>Netherlands</option>

<option value=”poland”>Poland</option>

<option value=”portugal”>Portugal</option>

<option value=”romania”>Romania</option>

<option value=”slovakia”>Slovakia</option>

<option value=”slovenia”>Slovenia</option>

<option value=”spain”>Spain</option>

<option value=”sweden”>Sweden</option>


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